Waratah Debt Capital

Waratah Debt Capital Fund, a specialised non-bank lender operating under the Waratah Funds Management umbrella, was established with a mission to offer innovative finance solutions to propel hotel industry members forward in their projects.

Directed by Mark Anyon, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in banking and finance, including a decade focusing on the hotel industry, Waratah Debt Capital stands out as a unique player in the market. Unlike other funds, it exclusively caters to the needs of the pub industry, providing tailored financial support during a critical period for the sector.

Mark approached Hello Blue Productions to assist him in crafting branding videos aimed at engaging both hoteliers and prospective investors.

We were able to capture some interviews with Mark and a Client in the Brisbane City where Mark’s office is based as well as some footage in North Queensland of the client’s hotel that was undergoing renovations.


  • 90s Promotional Video
  • 60s Promotional Video
  • 4 x Short Promotional Video for Social Media Platforms


  • Interviews
  • Timelapse