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Hello Blue Productions Photography Beach North Queensland
Behind the scenes photo filming production Corporate video


Hello Blue Productions

Established in 2014, Hello Blue Productions has been providing small to medium sized businesses with quality filmmaking services. Specialising in commercial videos and corporate storytelling, we align with your brand strategy to create compelling visual narratives that inspire and resonate with your target audience.

Supported by a network of collaborators and creatives, Hello Blue Productions has the ability to scale production needs according to the requirements of your project. Situated on the Sunshine Coast and extending our services to Brisbane and North Queensland, we are passionate about filmmaking and dedicated to delivering quality products for our clients.


Authenticity: We are committed to authentic storytelling, relying on the power of genuine narratives to create deep connections with our audience.
We take great pride in finding creative ways to showcase our clients work. 
Reliability: We value your time and commitment, guaranteeing dependable service and consistent delivery on our promises.
Adaptable: One size does not fit all. We excel in tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs and resources of our clients, ensuring the best possible outcome for each project.

Ready to connect and inspire your audience through the power of filmmaking? Reach out today and let’s engage in a conversation about elevating your brand to new heights.

Nick Bent

Founder & Creative Director

My story started in Melbourne, before hopping around the country and landing on the shores of the Sunshine Coast. I fell in love with storytelling through film when I was ten years old. Since then I haven’t put a camera down, making film my career for the last decade. My journey has led me to work with a diverse range of groups and industry professionals. This diversity has helped fuel my desire to learn and assist others in achieving their objectives. Knowledge is power and I believe story telling is an effective tool that can help achieve connection and influence positive behaviour.

Nick Bent Filmmaker Hello Blue Productions Founder and Director Profile Picture