Queensland Museum Tropics

The Queensland Museum Tropics (QMT), formerly known as the Museum of Tropical Queensland, is situated in Townsville, North Queensland.We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the QMT team to present a variety of exhibitions and and capture intriguing stories alongside their dedicated curators.

Our productions have spanned various formats, including mini documentaries, talent shoots, television commercials, and behind-the-scenes filming.

We have thoroughly enjoyed these productions not just because of the opportunity to collaborate with other passionate individuals, but also the constant discovery of new and fascinating insights within the museum’s rich offerings.


  • Video Production
  • Online Ads
  • TVCs


  • Storytelling
  • Timelapse Photography
  • Sound Design
  • Directing

Research Team Promotional Video

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Connections Across the Coral Sea

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Great Barrier Reef QMT

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